Berco track chains production

From excavator track shoes to dozer track chain, including heavy-duty, lubricated or sealed and greased track chains, Berco products and spare parts offers strength, durability and simplified maintenance, designed for uneven, harsh and loose grounds. We place a great emphasis on quality in the production. For this reason, all Berco track chains are specially developed for the increased robustness of pins and bushings.
Supply range
  • Berco creates track chains with reinforced links and shoes, stronger pins and bushings for heavy-duty, high impact applications and highly abrasive soil.
  • BPR2TM version (Berco Positive Pin Retention 2TM) for high-impact applications improves the working lifetime of components by mechanically locking the pin to the link, which results in the avoidance of ‘end-play generation’ and ‘pin walking’ in a track chain.
  • All weather version for temperatures ranging from -45°C to 50°C.


Mining Dozer track chains

Track group assembly for mining bulldozers

Chain features

  • Chain pitch ranging from 240-318 mm.
  • Newly developed sealing system and Berco positive pin retention (BPR2) provide maximized joint durability.
  • Berco design extends track chain life and allows to plan predictive maintenance with reusability of the inner components.

Shoe features

  • Single grouser common for dozers.
  • High-grip track shoes are required to facilitate dirt removal.

Mining Excavator track chains

Track group assembly for mining excavators

Chain Features

  • Chain pitch ranging from 318 | 350 | 395 mm.
  • Conventional chain design with forged track link and forged shoe plate.
  • Each component is designed with optimized steel grade and heat treatment to accomplish the “mission”.


Construction Dozer track chains

Track group assembly for medium size bulldozers

Chain Features

  • Stepped bushing available on selected machine models.
  • The track chain reduces friction between components and fuel consumption.

Link Features

  • Taller track link profile for more wear material.
  • Deeper heat treatment case depth.

Shoes Features

  • High grip track shoes required to facilitate dirt removal.
  • Clipped corner and mud hole as options.

Construction Excavator track chains

Track group assembly for medium size excavators

Chain Features

  • Track link with optimized design in the main structural sections.
  • Pin and bushing with selected material and heat treatment for high load and high impact resistance.

Press-fit type master pin

  • Used in more severe applications, it requires a field press for the assembling procedure.

T-type master pin

  • Low severity application and service, which doesn’t require a field press for the assembling procedure.
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